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Why F&R Builders Ltd is the Right Choice

When undertaking construction work, whether house extensions, bathroom installations or kitchen refurbishments, it is important to hire professionals, such as F&R Builders, who have years of experience in the industry. Whilst many people attempt DIY projects, house renovations are best left to the experts for a number of reasons. Our customers in Ascot enjoy the benefits of our specialist services, knowing that they are receiving the highest standard of work.

As time-served builders and kitchen suppliers with a specialist skill set, including listed building repairs and kitchen design, we are the right choice for all manner of projects. Below are just some of the advantages of our professional services. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


With modern, well-maintained equipment and tools that are perfectly designed for the job, and contractors trained in their use, there is minimal risk of injury or damage. We also have complete knowledge of health and safety requirements and know how best to fulfil them.

Specialising in bathroom installation and kitchen refurbishments, we ensure all plumbing, wiring and gas systems are properly and safely installed, so there’s no risk to you or your family.


Only too often we hear of novice builders in Ascot attempting house renovations and causing damage to their home and/or neighbouring properties. This is especially a risk when taking on bathroom installations and other specialist work. With public liability insurance, we protect you from being responsible for any costs, in the unlikely event of damage.

Realising Your Vision

Because we are professionals, we often see ways of creating customers’ dream homes that they hadn’t considered. Our building contractors and kitchen suppliers find the best solution for every space, pulling all aspects of construction together to provide beautiful, functional and ideal properties. From kitchen refurbishment to house extensions, we deliver everything you need.

We even work around unique restrictions to complete listed building repairs and refurbishments, enabling you to create your perfect space no matter the status of your home.


With years of experience, we accurately predict house renovation costs and can suggest cheaper alternatives. We also source materials at the best prices, ensuring work remains in budget. All plans, from extension to kitchen designs, are tailored to individual budgets to ensure we meet the needs of our customers.


There are many regulations and requirements surrounding domestic construction in Ascot, which can be hard to get your head around. We save customers the stress of figuring out the legalities of their project because we have extensive experience of meeting regulations. We know what work requires permission and always adhere to building controls. 

We even contact local authorities on your behalf, if necessary, such as when undertaking listed building repairs.

Fully Bespoke Services

In our role as building contractors and kitchen suppliers, we deliver bespoke solutions for every customer in Ascot. We tailor every aspect of your home, bathroom or kitchen design to make the most of space while reflecting your lifestyle and preferences.

All of the following are completely customisable:

For skilled contractors delivering high-quality, cost-effective house renovations, listed building repairs and more in Ascot and the surrounding areas, call 01628 623 097.