Professional House Renovation
in Maidenhead, Marlow and Ascot

If you have an outdated, damaged or defective property in Maidenhead, Ascot, Marlow, Henley or the surrounding areas, house renovations are the ideal solution for returning it to a good state of repair. We carry out professional fixes, improvements and modernisations to create functional and comfortable homes, including kitchen refurbishments. Whether you need work done to the exterior, interior or the whole property, F&R Builders Ltd provides complete renovation and refurbishment services to get your home looking and feeling its best.

When undertaking renovations, it is important to assess the condition of your property to identify necessary repairs and any further investigations that we may need to carry out. Our contractors are then able to come up with suitable plans and designs for each project.

As any reputable building company will tell you, it is essential to repair any structural issues as the first stage of house renovations. Failure to do so leads to deterioration, making other renovation work pointless and a waste of money. Potential problems include subsidence, moisture retention and cracks. As experienced contractors, F&R Builders Ltd skilfully resolve these issues, creating a stable base for further renovation and refurbishment and ensuring our customers receive finishes of the highest standard.


An effective exterior not only protects your property from weather and damage but, when done professionally, also enhances the appeal of your home. Furthermore, the installation of new windows, doors and roofing can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your house in Maidenhead, Marlow, Henley and Ascot.

Our exterior services include:


Whether you need a complete house renovation, or just certain areas need repairing and modernising, we deliver unbeatable service to get your home up to the ideal standard. Renovations offer a great opportunity to fully equip your property for efficient and functional modern-day living, meeting all your needs. To accomplish this, we regularly provide:

  • Extensions

  • Floorplan Re-designs

  • Re-Wiring

  • Re-Plumbing

  • Kitchen Refurbishments

  • Bathroom Installations

  • Insulation

  • Listed Building Repairs

Once essential work is complete, it’s time for cosmetic renovations, such as decoration, updating fixtures and replacing flooring.

There are numerous aspects to house renovations and we help customers in Maidenhead, Ascot, Henley, Marlow and the surrounding areas determine the most suitable solutions for their property and needs. Whatever you are hoping to achieve, F&R Builders Ltd delivers.

Contact us on 01628 623 097 for complete and partial house renovations and refurbishments tailored to your needs in Maidenhead, Marlow, Ascot and the surrounding areas.