Kitchen Refurbishments and House Renovations in Marlow
The Benefits of Having Your Project Managed

Are you planning home improvement or development work in Marlow within the coming year? Perhaps you’re exploring options for house extensions, kitchen refurbishments or a new bathroom installation. Or maybe you require more specialist work like listed building repairs or fully bespoke kitchens. As a multi-skilled building contractor, F&R Builders Ltd covers a wide range of needs. From house renovations to kitchen installations, our team uses decades of industry experience to deliver results of unmatched quality.

We’re kitchen suppliers, kitchen design experts and highly skilled building contractors. We’re project managers with the expertise to oversee every aspect of your job from start to finish.

But what are the benefits of having a project manager? We have looked at some of the key advantages below.

Why Have a Project Manager?

Coordinated Timing and Phasing

As the manager of your Marlow-based project, we assume responsibility for coordinating its timing and phasing. If you’ve ever had any building work carried out in the past, you will already know that jobs often encounter unforeseen issues, meaning they rarely run in perfect sync with the Schedule of Works. 

Of course, every project is different, and lays exposed to an array of variables. However, a good project manager has the foresight to spot potential problems early, leaving plenty of time to find a solution that ensures ongoing smooth progress.

When undertaking any of the following, we keep your project on track for completion on or before the deadline:

Save Time and Money

As your project manager, it’s our job to organise and lead the team that will bring your project to completion. Fortunately, we have everything we need in-house. Let’s look at our bespoke kitchens as an example:

This comprehensive approach applies to all the building services F&R Builders provides. When you hand us the reins of your project, you free up your own time for more important tasks. These could be anything from continuing your daily routines without disruption to focusing on other parts of your business.

Because we do whatever it takes to deliver your job on time and within budget, you’re far less exposed to delays, disruption and the spiralling costs typically associated with self-managed projects.

Innovative Solutions

Be it house extensions, kitchen refurbishments or bathroom installations, the team at F&R Builders Ltd has completed all manner of home improvement and development work multiple times. When you hire us to manage your project in Marlow, every decision we make, and all the advice we provide, comes backed by decades of experience.

In the pre-build phase of a job, this includes fine-tuning house renovation, extension, bathroom and kitchen designs. For example, having created countless bespoke kitchens over the years, we can integrate all-important touches around your core concept to help improve functionality.

Likewise, as kitchen suppliers, or suppliers of materials for any other type of work, we have long-established relationships with reliable, reputable manufacturers. This not only eliminates any doubts or guesswork about the quality of materials and products, but it also helps to keep costs low. 

Whether you’re investing in kitchen installations, listed building repairs or any other kind of property improvement or development, you can rely on us to see opportunities for even more impressive results.

Call 01628 623 097 to talk over house renovations, kitchen refurbishments or any of the other services we provide in Marlow and the neighbouring areas.